Are you an actor? A filmmaker?


Your programming could program humanscreating the world you envision.You can be featured on Human Network TV.

Here's how:


Human Network TV's Creators Contest is an opportunity to become a filmmaker and to make stories that author the story of humanity.

Enter contest HERE via our partner-in-creativity, wondrous WeTransfer. (Email to: In the message box, write "Creators Contest" and introduce your short-film submission in a sentence or two.)

Directly above, submit a 2-10 minute iPhone video with clear sound quality, a mini-documentary of your own creative or philanthropic project... and extraordinary work will be featured.

In your film, answer the following questions, and freely show your world, and the humanitarian work you've created, on the ground.

Share yourself through addressing the following questions:

1. DEFINE YOUR SPECIES. What does it mean to be human?

2. DISCLOSE HUMAN VALUES. Are all humans equally real, their lives of equal value? Or are some humans worth more than others? In considering this question, what do you discover about the way we treat humans culturally, as a society, and globally?

3. CREATE THE FUTURE. What do you know that you wish everyone knew, because if everyone knew it, the world would be a more peaceful and harmonious place? 

4. DEFINE YOUR WORLD. What is your vision for humanity in 1,000 years? What will the world look like? How will people relate to each other? What will be the state of our species and our planet? Today, create the first steps—for humanity to take. Share your creation with this nation, and beyond it. You are dissolving borders in this practice. You are becoming a Global Citizen. 

5. AWAKEN A NEW COMPASSION. It's easy to say what's wrong with the world but it's powerful to be a source of possibilities—and of possible solutions. Become the source of a solution. Our question is: how can we awaken the people of our planet to the urgency of a new compassion—to create a new era in which we (as human beings) recognize our interconnectedness as real? 


Each Friday, we have a weekend competition called the Creators Contest. These creations have a shot at becoming featured on a new global media network—and the potential of becoming actual programming on the Network, their own series.

Even more exciting, the contest is judged by the celebrities, in the global field.

Most exciting! The ultimate winner of each season's contest gets the ultimate prize, which is a job: to be on our team as a filmmaker at The Human Network, a member of the Creators Family. This is a contest wherein rather than money, humans win a future—in all senses. As a creator, creating a more sustainable pathway for the future of humanity, at large.

The top 10 films will be screened at an exclusive event in Hollywood.