Aspen Matis, Founder & Co-Creator

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Aspen Matis is the Founder of The Human Network. When she was 17, she hiked through the wilderness for 220 miles, traversing the mountainous John Muir Trail, alone. At 18, she walked 1,000 miles in continuous footsteps, also solo—thinking; Matis is always writing, and her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Psychology Today.

She is also the author of the critically acclaimed, bestselling memoir Girl in the Woods, the story of a hike she took from Mexico to Canada when she was 19. Packaged by CAA, the memoir is becoming a scripted television series of the same name.

Matis lives in New York, where she is a writing instructor and a teacher of policy reform at Columbia University. For her own personal interest, she is a student of philosophy and physics, also at Columbia—learning of "reality's" nature as she works on a novel, following the thread of her fascination.

This past spring, Matis was honored to be an educator at the Ivy Policy Conference 2017, teaching two seminars, dual rooms of the brightest minds of each of the Ivy League universities.

This year, Matis was named (among Chelsea Clinton and Katie Couric) a Mogul influencer, one of the 2,000 most influential women in the world. The Mogul platform reaches 18 Million, worldwide. The award-winning social media platform for women is international and gets more than 165MM views per month. (Other Influencers include: the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, Kelly Osbourne, Rebecca Minkoff, Nina García, the top female advisors from the White House & from NASA, Silicon Valley venture capitalists, Margaret Cho…)

Finally, Matis is on the genius team of The Coalition for Women in Journalism.

Ronnie Teasdale, Visionary & Co-Creator

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Ronnie Teasdale is The Human Network’s Co-Creator, dedicated to the creation of holistic deep interconnectedness, our world’s unity. He studied psychology and exercise science in school.

Prior to devoting himself to the Network full time, Teasdale owned a successful cluster of studio-based gyms in Downtown Los Angeles. He loves meditation and is a student of ancient knowledge that inspires fresh connection.

Teasdale’s hobbies all revolve generating a whole and complete health.

Sara-Kate Astrove, Chief Operating Officer

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Sara-Kate Astrove is The Human Network’s Chief Operating Officer. An avant-garde filmmaker and member of the New York Film-Makers Cooperative, Sara-Kate graduated from Tufts University, where she double-majored in Child Development and Chinese. She has her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and is currently working on a memoir, Sugar Baby, about how after graduating from Tufts, she made a lot of money dating wealthy older men. Sara-Kate's writing has appeared in Marie ClaireElleHarper’s BazaarCosmoGood HousekeepingRedbookYahoo, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. For snacks, she loves GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, equally powerfully.